Guy Goma

June 17, 2006

guygomaHuh? Guy who?

Yep, Guy Goma. All u guys who ever saw my MSN's current display picture must have seen this guy..

Better check this wikipedia entry to know what really happened with him. 

To cut the long story short, this guy was in BBC that day when suddenly someone ask him "r u Guy Kewney?", thinking "Kewney" was a mispelled of his name he said "Yes!". LOL, that's when BBC sit him down in a room and interviewed him!

Wanna watch the interview? Click here


Egg Piracy

June 17, 2006

No Kidding!!

Quoted from


Evil food pirates in China have developed a way to make fake eggs out of gelatine, benzoic acid, alum, and other ingredients of varying toxicity. The eggs are sold at a very low price to unsuspecting consumers and can be cooked just like the real thing. The good news: no cholesterol. The bad news: eating too many can lead to dementia. Link to a blog entry on the topic. Here's a research study from 2005 with some helpful tips on how to roll your own dementia-inducing pirate eggs: "The World's Most Unbelievable Invention," by Alexander Tse-Yan Lee.

Believe it or Not! More on this topic, just google "Egg Piracy" or "Fake Egg". Damn you chinese :p

Inside Man

June 17, 2006

images.jpgJust watched Inside Man the other day.

Fantastic movie, great story telling, great characters (Denzel Washington, Clive Owen, Jodie Foster), but with some plot holes and some confussing spots all over the place.

Here are some things that could make you confussed with my thoughts on it: *SPOILER ALERT*

  • Who the hell is the Rabbi? and what is he doing there in the first place?
    First off all,the rabbi is definately one of the robbers. I believe he was the one that hires the other 4 robbers.
  • How the hell did the robbers know the diamonds are in the box 392?
    Ok, this is where the Rabbi comes in. Rabbi == Jews == NAZI's enemy. Maybe for some reason not revealed in the movie, the rabbi's family treasure (or diamond in this matter) has been stolen by the NAZI and somehow got in the hands of Mr.Arthur Case. The rabbi or his family must know about this secret. The rabbi must want his treasure back and finally he hired all those robber to execute this plan. Maybe this explains that the robbers are actually good people (they did not kill any hostages during the situation). 
  • Why did they dug the hole in the first place?
    It's for Owen's character shit hole! Seminggu kekurung dalem bank masa ga buang aer gede / kecil ma skali..hehe
  • What Det. Fraizer will do after?
    Not sure about this one though. He proves that he's no crook cop (he gives the pen back to Jodie Foster's character, and said he make no copies), I believe he will "Follow the ring". But in the other hand he's given a small diamond by Owen's character..hmm..what will u do?

Now for a major plot hole:
Why in the name of hell Mr. Case has to kept the NAZI's document? He must knew that it would compromise everything he has…damn, how stupid is that? The only explanation is Mr. Case is a damn psycho just like a serial killers who likes to collect their victim's body part (e.q finger , etc ).

    any comments?


    June 17, 2006

    Oalah..finally i create a blog for myself. it's been a year or so since i actively read blogs from all over the world.

    So i think this is a great time for the world to finally knows me and what i have to say.