Kaka maen di Persija ?

December 16, 2007

Kaka di Persija ?

Well.. LOL.. what more can i say about detik?

Sejak kapan juga Kaka maen di Persija? atau Persitara for that matter 😀

hahaha.. another bad job by detik 😀

link:  here

update: too bad.. uda diedit sama detik.. 😀

no, unfortunately, this is not Wendy’s new promo..and it’s limited to only 5 minutes :p

anyone interested? it seems if you really hungry..this is the answer!!! lol

ps: i have no affiliation whatsoever with Wendy’s 😀


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Ampir ajaaaa….

April 30, 2007

Aduh temen2…barusan a shocking tragedy (almost) menimpa ku 😦


As you all might (or not) know, kalo lagi ngantor di BEJ biasanya gw ikut bokap dari rumah sampe GKBI. So dari GKBI ke BEJ gw naek kopaja19. Gw selalu on high alert setiap kali naek public transport, eq: selalu iket resleting tas, selalu sedia uang cukup di kantong baju, selalu kancingin kantong dompet belakang etc.


5 bulan berlalu dan walaupun banyak orang bilang jangan naek buskota (or even jangan naek any form of public transportation di jakarta, meybe this story would help),gw tetep naek kopaja19 dan ga perna merasa ada masalah apa2…sampai pagi ini..


Pagi ini, as usual gw ikut bokap sampe GKBI n dari situ nyebrang dan nunggu kopaja 19 yang paling sepi. 5-10minutes goes by dan gw ga nemu kopaja19 yang sepi (ini jam 8.30an so wajar saja kalo jem segitu penuh semua)..alhasil gw bertekad gw bakal naek kopaja19 pertama yang gw liat setelah ini.


Guess what, ternyata yang dateng sepi.. wow .. thank God dalam hati gw.

Perjalanan goes as usual, sampe didepan semanggi ada segerombolan orang masuk, 2 bapak-bapak, 2 ibu-ibu, n beberapa anak-anak (kayanya sekitar 3-4 anak). I started to have bad feelings about this, soalnya tampang mereka ga lazim (ga tau juga sih gimana jelasinnya, tapi i just had a bad feeling when i saw them). gerombolan ini naek dan berdiri di depan deket pintu depan, tapi yang anak2 berdiri deket pintu belakang.

Bener aja feeling gw temen2 sekalian! Pas gw mao turun di BEJ, otomatis gw mesti desek2an sama bapak2 tersebut. pas lagi desek2an gw merasa ada yang megangin kantong celana gw, refleks, gw langsung liat celana dong..

EEEhhhhhh bener ajeeee, bapak yang satu lagi masukin tangannya di kantong kiri gw, dan yang satu lagi masukin tanggan di kantong kanan gw!!!!! Refleks, tangan gw langsung megang kantong celana n tangan mereka pun langsung keluar deh. OMG2.. panik, takut dan stress..gw bingung..ya sudah gw pikir gw keluar dari pintu belakang aja.

Karena gw masih inget ada anak2 dari gerombolan mereka yang berdiri dibelakang, gw langsung kebelakang sambil masukin tangan ke kantong celana.. *thank God* gw bisa keluar dari bis itu dengan aman sejahtera.

Hal pertama yang gw lakukan setelah turun dari bis ya tentu saja ngecek kembali semua kantong plus tas gw.. sukur ga ada yang ilang 🙂

Gw ga tau apa yang terjadi dengan keluarga copet itu..i’m pretty sure ada beberapa orang yang ngeliat aksi mereka tsb.. too bad karena gw terlalu kaget dan shock gw jadi ga sempet tereak or whatever lah buat ngasi tau orang laen bahwa ada keluarga copet dibis itu..

Lessons learned kalo naek bis kota:

  • simpen barang berharga ditempat yang aman (walaupun gw ga yakin kalo ada tempat yang aman kalau lagi di bis :p)
  • keep your alert level as HIGH as ever
  • jangan keluar lewat pintu yang penuh
  • kalo pake celana berkantong tangan lu 2-2nya masukin aja de ke itu kantong
  • etc maybe ada yang minat nambahin ?




WTH is this suppose to mean?

December 31, 2006

Weird Ad

I was reading my cable magazine, when i came across with this weird ad for a female watch. The Eiffel Tower was not weird, since many ladies watch use this kind of romantic / glamour photo shot. What I can’t understand is why the hell the model’s left hand is put inside a vase? what the hell is that suppose to mean? Is this model some kind of monster with a big left hand??

ps: the watch’s not so good either, and it’s so pricey as well ;p


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July 15, 2006

Today the court has given the verdict for that referee scancal di Italy’s top division Serie A, here’s the complete verdict:

– Juventus, Lazio and Fiorentina are relegated to Serie B

– Milan will stay in Serie A, but with 44 point reduction for last season. From 88 to 44, which means they lose their Champs league opportunity this year.

– Juve is stiripped their last two scudetto titles (what does this mean? Does Milan got both scudetto? or Inter will? not sure

– Juve will start next season with -30, Milan with -15, Fiorentina with -12, and Lazio with -7

– Inter, Roma, Chieve and Palermo will represent Italy for next season’s champs league

– Livorno, Parma and Empoli will do UEFA Cup..

Lol…that’s it guys, never play with referee, never play with justice..

When two sides play football, and there’s a referee involvement in deciding the outcome, then the match is no longer a balance match.. yes u’ll win that match, but u just lose fans and respect! Damn, this is so much fun..

Would u hold an open door for someone behind you? Would u help someone whose papers dropped in a street? Would u say thanks whenever people buy what u’re selling?

If u answered “Yes” to the three questions then u are so damn polite. Politeness is something hard to find anymore, esp here in Jakarta, indonesia.

I once went to a shopping mall and found out that most people here don’t even bother hold an open door for me. i stood barely 5-6 foot from the door, but people just don’t bother holding it for me .. grrr.. this is really different from what my experienced when i lived in Melbourne, Australia.

People there really polite (well in my opinion at least as an Indonesian). They would hold the door for you even when they got their hand full. They always says “excuse me” whenever they pass someone who walks much slower then them.

Reader’s Digest surveyed 35 major cities in the world for these kind of politeness. Guess where Jakarta stands? number 1? LOL..u’re so wrong my friend. New York got that position with 80% people there passed these three tests.

Jakarta surprisingly ranks 28-29 with 43% people surveyed passed the test. I call that a surprising result bcause our neighbouring country (Malaysia n Singapore) which is a much advanced city (technology n cultural wise) ranks lower than Jakarta. Singapore ranks 30-31 with 42% pass rate, and Kuala Lumpur stands at rank 33 with only 37% pass rate. And the “most impolite city in the world” goes to Mumbai, India with ony 32% pass rate.

Wow…Jakarta over Singapore n KL. that’s not happening everyday huh?

For Reader’s Digest complete ranking go here.

Reference: http://www.rd.com/content/openContent.do?contentId=27599

Just browsing the web n I found something quite interesting: Flock – The web browser for you and your friends. Open it's feature page and skim it a lil bit, it says Flock can do:

  1. drag n drop photo publishing
  2. blogging tool
  3. become ur own media mogul..
  4. and so on

ok, not really interested with the third feature, but the first and second makes me want to try it.

I download the installer (Beta1- ver.0.7 , 7.68 MB) here. Currently only windows version available to download. Windows and Linux version available.

Install it, and instantly i discover this is so Firefox look-a-like. Open the About page and found "Mozilla/5.0" engine running. No wonder.

I successfully setup my blog account (hosted @wordpress.com) and flickr accound – Flock also supports other blogs hosted by typepad, movable type, livejournal, drupal, and blogger. It also support blogs that use moveable type, metaweblog, blogger and Atom APIs.

I started it's blogpost tool, pretty cool, u just write anything, n press publish, and viola..it's all done! The new post is published safe and sound. The same thing for the flickr photo uploader. And u can directly use it's photo widget to put images in the blogpost tool.

Here's some screenshot:

Flock main window
BlogTool window
Photo Uploader window

Last word: Flock is identical with Firefox, but for someone who blogs and use flickr alot..it'll surely helps. Flock = Firefox + Blogs API + Flickr API. Try it if you want to.

-This entry was fully written in flock's blogtool-

Tau DQ? Dairy Queen that is. One of the largest fast food chain in the world looh..
Just yesterday i went to one of it's outlet here in La Piazza, Kelapa Gading. Bought it's famous Blizzard ice cream. A friend of mine has 10% discount card. So there I was getting this ice cream, (Rp.18000,- , Chocolate Chip, regular cup). I didn't recall seeing any 10% tax excluded what so ever, but i could be wrong :p

Help me with math here pls..Rp.18000 with a 10% card. how much will it cost me? Anyone says rp.16200? LOL..big mistake mate!
still i've got to pay rp.18000…confused? me too.. but watching argentina vs serbia i was, i decided to pay rather than miss a goal (i did miss a goal for God sake!)


Look at the receipt i got..not only they put 10% tax (not that i wasn't expecting this), they actually gave 11.11% (1800/16200*100= 11.11)…

Dimana2 tuh kalo diskon 10% ya 10% dong diskonnya, either before tax / after tax..

I prefer not going back to DQ and ask for this, cuma beda 180perak koq,lagian es-nya juga uda abis dari kapan2, it's quite good :p kalo dipikir2 ini mah namanya penipuaaaaaaan. jadi kalo diitung2 lagi the discount card holder only gets 9.09% discount dong?????

PLEASED TO SERVED YOU? CMIIW, bukannya "pleased to serve you" yah ?? pleased to serve my as*

Tanya kenapa???

Guy Goma

June 17, 2006

guygomaHuh? Guy who?

Yep, Guy Goma. All u guys who ever saw my MSN's current display picture must have seen this guy..

Better check this wikipedia entry to know what really happened with him. 

To cut the long story short, this guy was in BBC that day when suddenly someone ask him "r u Guy Kewney?", thinking "Kewney" was a mispelled of his name he said "Yes!". LOL, that's when BBC sit him down in a room and interviewed him!

Wanna watch the interview? Click here

Egg Piracy

June 17, 2006

No Kidding!!

Quoted from http://www.boingboing.net/2006/04/04/egg_piracy_in_china_.html


Evil food pirates in China have developed a way to make fake eggs out of gelatine, benzoic acid, alum, and other ingredients of varying toxicity. The eggs are sold at a very low price to unsuspecting consumers and can be cooked just like the real thing. The good news: no cholesterol. The bad news: eating too many can lead to dementia. Link to a blog entry on the topic. Here's a research study from 2005 with some helpful tips on how to roll your own dementia-inducing pirate eggs: "The World's Most Unbelievable Invention," by Alexander Tse-Yan Lee.

Believe it or Not! More on this topic, just google "Egg Piracy" or "Fake Egg". Damn you chinese :p