Goodbye 2006, Welcome 2007

December 31, 2006

This is my last post of the year..
It’s been a so-so year for me. Here’s the highlight of the year for me:

  • Feb:
    • 4 year with her 😀
    • start thesis for my bachelor degree with my partner
  • May: i’m 22
  • June: this is when i really start my thesis ;p
  • Aug:
    • finished my thesis with B grade 😦
    • she’s graduating *yay..congratulations my dear!!*
  • end Aug – mid November: my longest ever holiday
  • November:

Well, that’s some of my milestones of the year..
and for appetizer: have you seen the video of Saddam’s hanging? If not, you can watch the complete video *without any censor* here.
    WARNING though, the video is extremely disturbing, so watch at your own risk ;p

see you next year

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