Defense Exam Photos

August 2, 2006

PS: For non-binusian reader, please ignore this post.

Guys, i’ve uploaded some of our defense exam photos to flickr, you may view them over here:

And congrats to you all who’ve graduated from Binus..and to all of you preparing your defense exam, good luck 🙂

Cheers 🙂


4 Responses to “Defense Exam Photos”

  1. ak Says:

    Tom foto lu kok gak masuk ‘Public Photos tagged with iup2006’ sih?
    Anyway, Great photos!

  2. masmashu Says:

    Hm..iya nih, wonder about that as well :S
    gw juga ga ngerti,pdhl semua fotonya gw kasi tag ‘iup2006’..

  3. ak Says:

    Jangan2 pas upload di-set sebagai private photo?

  4. ak Says:

    Ah gw tau kenapa. Pasti karena ini:
    Foto2 lu yang awal kan screenshot gitu, dianggap gak ngikutin policy Flickr. Musti e-mail gitu deh. Rasanya di Terasi pernah jg ada orang yang kayak gitu.

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