Most impolite city in the world

June 20, 2006

Would u hold an open door for someone behind you? Would u help someone whose papers dropped in a street? Would u say thanks whenever people buy what u’re selling?

If u answered “Yes” to the three questions then u are so damn polite. Politeness is something hard to find anymore, esp here in Jakarta, indonesia.

I once went to a shopping mall and found out that most people here don’t even bother hold an open door for me. i stood barely 5-6 foot from the door, but people just don’t bother holding it for me .. grrr.. this is really different from what my experienced when i lived in Melbourne, Australia.

People there really polite (well in my opinion at least as an Indonesian). They would hold the door for you even when they got their hand full. They always says “excuse me” whenever they pass someone who walks much slower then them.

Reader’s Digest surveyed 35 major cities in the world for these kind of politeness. Guess where Jakarta stands? number 1? LOL..u’re so wrong my friend. New York got that position with 80% people there passed these three tests.

Jakarta surprisingly ranks 28-29 with 43% people surveyed passed the test. I call that a surprising result bcause our neighbouring country (Malaysia n Singapore) which is a much advanced city (technology n cultural wise) ranks lower than Jakarta. Singapore ranks 30-31 with 42% pass rate, and Kuala Lumpur stands at rank 33 with only 37% pass rate. And the “most impolite city in the world” goes to Mumbai, India with ony 32% pass rate.

Wow…Jakarta over Singapore n KL. that’s not happening everyday huh?

For Reader’s Digest complete ranking go here.


8 Responses to “Most impolite city in the world”

  1. lisiani Says:

    Hmmm am i included in that 43%? ;p hahaha
    semua turis2 yang dateng ke indo, paling ga bilank kalo orang indo itu sopan2..
    Apa kita2 cuman keliatan sopan di kulit aja?
    Maksudnya, karena itu turis mangkanya kita berlaku ‘sedikit’ lebih sopan ke mereka..
    Padahal…*you know what i mean*

  2. indcoup Says:

    Hi good start on your blog!

    it’s true Indonesians are often not polite in using elevators, opening doors, saying thank-you etc.

    But one thing i like about Indonesia is that it’s easy to start talking to a stranger in Indonesia.

    In New York, you would be crazy to start talking to a stranger.

    So Indonesians are not polite but friendly. Strange mix, huh?!!!

  3. tintahitam Says:

    aih blogku! goresan tinta hitam.. 😀

  4. Henny Says:

    yang gua ngerasa banget seh di bali lhooo… kalo turis2 gitu, mereka bakal friendly to the max.. tapi kalo turis lokal gitu, langsung dicuekkin…. talking ’bout no-discrimination huh?

  5. lisiani Says:

    kemaren gue di salah satu pusat perbelanjaan di pluit..
    gue nenteng kotak kipas angin pake 2 tangan *gara2 kotak nya gede abis haha* trus di depan gue itu seorang ibu muda yang lagi hamil sambil dorong troli belanjaan.
    Pas kita dah mo sampe di pintu dorong, dari arah luar ada bapak2 masuk..
    Dia masuk..pintu langsung ditutup loh!!!!
    Susah yach kalo pintu nya dibuka sampe mentok *kalo didorong sampe mentok kan otomatis ketahan sendiri*..

  6. jenny Says:

    i guess the rudest country is south korea,,i am not sure if they don’t know how to say excuse me in english, yet, they hate black skin, you see? and they don’t care about the feeling of foreigners,, they thought that foreigners in their country used them so the marriages, especially the international marriages 90% didn’t work,, most of the women escape and look for another,, no doubt coz even korean women are not happy so seperation or divorce in south korea is very common,,seems it is a job,,if you are not happy with it,, look for another ,, so i guess, south korea is the rudest..

  7. wang lord Says:

    i think the rudest country in the world is one in which they carry out surveys to check out how bloody superior their politeness is.
    btw, my friend’s mum is korean, and she’s married to a black dude… so calm the fuck down 🙂

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