Flock – Social Browser

June 19, 2006

Just browsing the web n I found something quite interesting: Flock – The web browser for you and your friends. Open it's feature page and skim it a lil bit, it says Flock can do:

  1. drag n drop photo publishing
  2. blogging tool
  3. become ur own media mogul..
  4. and so on

ok, not really interested with the third feature, but the first and second makes me want to try it.

I download the installer (Beta1- ver.0.7 , 7.68 MB) here. Currently only windows version available to download. Windows and Linux version available.

Install it, and instantly i discover this is so Firefox look-a-like. Open the About page and found "Mozilla/5.0" engine running. No wonder.

I successfully setup my blog account (hosted @wordpress.com) and flickr accound – Flock also supports other blogs hosted by typepad, movable type, livejournal, drupal, and blogger. It also support blogs that use moveable type, metaweblog, blogger and Atom APIs.

I started it's blogpost tool, pretty cool, u just write anything, n press publish, and viola..it's all done! The new post is published safe and sound. The same thing for the flickr photo uploader. And u can directly use it's photo widget to put images in the blogpost tool.

Here's some screenshot:

Flock main window
BlogTool window
Photo Uploader window

Last word: Flock is identical with Firefox, but for someone who blogs and use flickr alot..it'll surely helps. Flock = Firefox + Blogs API + Flickr API. Try it if you want to.

-This entry was fully written in flock's blogtool-


2 Responses to “Flock – Social Browser”

  1. ak Says:

    Nope Linux version is also available. They gave me a linux download link when I went there. Too bad they don’t have the a debian/ubuntu package.

  2. masmashu Says:

    Mmm..i can’t seem to find the linux version in their site though. ak, maybe u can give me the link?

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