Ini mah namanya penipuaaaaan!!

June 17, 2006

Tau DQ? Dairy Queen that is. One of the largest fast food chain in the world looh..
Just yesterday i went to one of it's outlet here in La Piazza, Kelapa Gading. Bought it's famous Blizzard ice cream. A friend of mine has 10% discount card. So there I was getting this ice cream, (Rp.18000,- , Chocolate Chip, regular cup). I didn't recall seeing any 10% tax excluded what so ever, but i could be wrong :p

Help me with math here pls..Rp.18000 with a 10% card. how much will it cost me? Anyone says rp.16200? LOL..big mistake mate!
still i've got to pay rp.18000…confused? me too.. but watching argentina vs serbia i was, i decided to pay rather than miss a goal (i did miss a goal for God sake!)


Look at the receipt i got..not only they put 10% tax (not that i wasn't expecting this), they actually gave 11.11% (1800/16200*100= 11.11)…

Dimana2 tuh kalo diskon 10% ya 10% dong diskonnya, either before tax / after tax..

I prefer not going back to DQ and ask for this, cuma beda 180perak koq,lagian es-nya juga uda abis dari kapan2, it's quite good :p kalo dipikir2 ini mah namanya penipuaaaaaaan. jadi kalo diitung2 lagi the discount card holder only gets 9.09% discount dong?????

PLEASED TO SERVED YOU? CMIIW, bukannya "pleased to serve you" yah ?? pleased to serve my as*

Tanya kenapa???


7 Responses to “Ini mah namanya penipuaaaaan!!”

  1. irine Says:

    Bagus… 🙂 Interesting writings.

  2. lisiani Says:

    Hahaha unbelievable loh…

    kalo 180 perak, sehari ada yang beli 10 orang…
    Dah Rp. 1,800,-
    Dalam sebulan, 30 x Rp. 1,800,- = Rp. 54,000,-

    Yaa lumayan jugaaa…

  3. Nye2 Says:

    Yachh itung2 ga ada tax lah,tom… 1800 udah bisa beli minum aqua 1 lhowww… ^_^ daripada loe mesti bayar 1800.. kalo loe beli 1 bulan sekali jadi Rp 21600,-
    itu bisa nonton sekali pake side cardd!!! 😛

  4. masmashu Says:

    gw ga masalahin pajaknya nye, tapi tax-nya itu bukan 10% dari harga diskon, tapi 10% dari harga sebelom diskon..gitu loh. btw Rp 21600 ,- itu kalo belinya sekali sebulan dalam setaon yah..heauheua..
    lama tenan atuuh

  5. Andryan Says:

    Kalo tax mah pasti abis diskon itungnya..

  6. tepan Says:


  7. Duta Dairy Queen Says:

    heh mas mashu.. kalo ga ada diskon cardnya mas hrs bayar 19800 lohhh huihuihui

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